Legislative Survey response: Mark Grams, candidate for WI Assembly District 2:

(Note the Candidate did not respond to any questions in our survey, we are including his response and information. If you are in his district I encourage you to contact the candidate and ask about these issues)

MARK GRAMS announces run for Wisconsin’s 2nd District Assembly seat as an Independent.

Like all candidates for state office, I have been inundated with lengthy questionnaires from every imaginable kind of special interest group. While the issues that the different groups focus on vary greatly, there is a common theme that underlies the questionnaires – they all try to paint the candidate into a corner. I have decided, therefore, not to return any of them. I do however, welcome the opportunity to meet with any special interest group members who live in the 2nd Assembly District and are willing to start a dialog on issues.

I am not your typical candidate. I am not looking for endorsements or money from anyone. What I am is a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant, striving to become a public servant again. What I will do, when I am elected to the Wisconsin Assembly, is everything in my power to restore civility, common sense, local control, and open and honest government to Wisconsin.

I realize that candidate questionnaires from special interest groups have been a part of the election process for a very long time. The questions are motivated by the interest groups’ own agendas, and are worded to prompt a polarizing response from the candidate, which fuels the disconnect between the candidate and the people, and perpetuates politics as usual. Politics as usual has led Wisconsin and our whole country down a destructive path. We all deserve something better.

I am not your usual politician. I am neither elephant nor ass, but rather a mutt, much like many of the people I’ve heard from in the district. And also like them, I am tired of hearing about the political infighting, and I am sick of seeing politicians hold on to power by pleasing big-money interests. Without relying on endorsements, or taking any money from anyone, my campaign will serve as a demonstration that an honest and truly representative government can be restored by electing citizen legislators.

Mark Grams Candidate for 2nd Assembly District

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