Legislative Survey response: Aaron Taylor, candidate for WI Assembly District 30:

I am a supporter of drug law reform and a supporter of legalizing cannabis, medicinal and recreational. Below is the questions you sent me and my answers to them.

1) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow the tax-free medicinal use of cannabis upon the recommendation of a physician?

I will. Medicinal use of cannabis products constitutes a safer and less expensive form of pain medication on top of the other study supported uses of cannabis. This in turn has the possibility to lower the chance of addiction to opiate pan medication which is a growing problem in Wisconsin.

2) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to create a taxed and regulated market for recreational cannabis products?

I will. This will cut down the crime that comes from the illegal selling and producing of cannabis. I would leave the laws in place that consider it to be a controlled substance in the instance of driving, operating heavy machinery, etc.

3) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation allowing adults in Wisconsin to grow up to ten cannabis plants for personal use?

I support legislation that will allow adults to grow as much as they want for personal use. I think it should be treated like a garden plant and I would entertain the idea of allowing it to be sold at farmers markets (it would have to follow the same laws that regulate how much produce can be sold).

4) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow Wisconsin farmers’ to grow agricultural hemp for the industrial and commercial markets?

I absolutely will. In Wisconsin we have the opportunity to utilize our great land to become a prime producer and increase our economic output by becoming one of the few states to make it easy to grow hemp.

5) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow for the expungement of prior marijuana convictions?

Once marijuana is legal, this would be the next thing to do. I imagine it would be attached to the bill/act that legalized recreational cannabis. I would still leave the convictions of driving under the influence of it and the like.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me!
Aaron Taylor

Bringing political attention to cannabis legalization in Wisconsin