Legislative Survey response: Vincent Zilka, candidate for WI Assembly District 28:

First and foremost, any statements I make in this questionnaire are my beliefs and I have yet to get into a good conversation with enough of my constituents about the issue to determine what my actual course of action would be because I am elected by my constituents to represent them, their collective word trumps my beliefs.

1) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow the tax-free medicinal use of cannabis upon the recommendation of a physician?

I have heard a lot of very positive effects from medicinal cannabis (even from federal studies) so the fact it is not allowed for that purpose is beyond my comprehension (other than the fact pharmaceutical companies do not want something widely available that would put a large dent in their profit margin, and in my opinion they can go get bent because they are not doing what is best for the people).

2) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to create a taxed and regulated market for recreational cannabis products?

I will have to do a lot more discussing of this one with my constituents before I will offer any real answer but I view this like I do the 18th and 21st amendments to the US Constitution. If we were to legalize it there would be a large drop in crime associated with the manufacture and transportation of it from cartels which would make the streets safer and cost us less trying to enforce a law that many people do not agree with.

3) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation allowing adults in Wisconsin to grow up to ten cannabis plants for personal use?

I have no problems with that as long as my constituents allow me to do it.

4) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow Wisconsin farmers’ to grow agricultural hemp for the industrial and commercial markets?

I think that would be a great way for them to have a crop that would allow them to get a good return on investment as there are tons of products that use hemp and are far better than the way they are manufactured now plus when they are made from hemp they are biodegradable.

5) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow for the expungement of prior marijuana convictions?

If marijuana is legalized than I see no problems with expunging any non-violent convictions related to marijuana because that would give a lot of people the ability to get a real life and career (especially if they were given felony convictions).

Attached are my responses, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.


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