Legislative survey response: Nanette Bulebosh, running for WI Assembly District 27

1) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow the tax-free medicinal use of cannabis upon the recommendation of a physician?

2) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to create a taxed and regulated market for recreational cannabis products?

3) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation allowing adults in Wisconsin to grow up to ten cannabis plants for personal use?

4) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow Wisconsin farmers’ to grow agricultural hemp for the industrial and commercial markets?

5) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow for the expungement of prior marijuana convictions?

Candidate response:

I can support the questions 1, 2 and 4 easily, The 5th question about expunging prior convictions related to marijuana, makes sense on the surface, but I would like to learn more about it before agreeing to support this one. I would like the language to be a little more specific, and not include (for example) those also convicted of violent crimes, theft, or other issues.

For #3, I would like to know how you came up with 10 cannabis plants. Why not 5, or 20? I simply need to know the parameters of this bill.

I might be willing to sponsor or co-sponsor #1, about medical uses of cannabis. My oldest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 40s, and died in 2008. Medical marijuana would have been a tremendous relief to her in her final months, or even right after her chemo treatments. We need to find a way to make cannabis readily available for medical purposes.

I hope this is helpful. I appreciate your efforts.

Nanette Bulebosh
Elkhart Lake, WI


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