Legislative survey response: Chris Fisher, running for WI Assembly District 78

1) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow the tax-free medicinal use of cannabis upon the recommendation of a physician?

No, not tax-free. I will, if elected – strongly support / work diligently with other Legislators to get Marijuana for medicinal purpose legalized in Wisconsin.

2) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to create a taxed and regulated market for recreational cannabis products?

I’ve spent time researching this Marijuana Topic, on my Website – http://www.chrisfisher.org/glass-ceiling/

“Pro-Pot…” I totally believe we need to get Marijuana legalized for medicinal purpose first.

3) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation allowing adults in Wisconsin to grow up to ten cannabis plants for personal use?

No, not at this time. If ‘we’ can get it legalized for medicinal purposes, then maybe down the road / over time – yes.

4) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow Wisconsin farmers’ to grow agricultural hemp for the industrial and commercial markets?

Yes, absolutely. Thus creating more Wisconsin jobs, to harvest / transport / and sell this medicinal product.

5) Will you vote for or sponsor legislation to allow for the expungement of prior marijuana convictions?

Yes I would vote, in favor of expungement for both residents / non-residents where a conviction took place in the State of Wisconsin. I really want to see if i can persuade legislators on the medicinal need first – any sponsorship / or co-sponsorship would come thereafter – I don’t have a timeframe

Chris Fisher

**** PRO-POT – MEDICINAL PURPOSES Recently I read through the Isthmus (VOL 41 NO. 21 source is linked) and the ‘Up In smoke’ article was of interest, it carries a subtitle ‘Wisconsin lawmakers shun billion dollar marijuana industry’ While out campaigning I’ve been asked if I would support…

Bringing political attention to cannabis legalization in Wisconsin