Fall partisan elections are over, what’s next…

 It is now time to move on to the next event in the Wisconsin political calendar.
There will be elections for nonpartisan offices.

These elections include;  Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, other Judges, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, school boards, town, village, and city boards.

Current   State of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices can be found here:


 State Superintendent of Public Instruction:



These office elections have an impact on policies relevant to our cause.

Spring Election Day is  April 4,  2017
More information can be found at this link


If a primary is needed it will be held  on

February 21,  2017.

If you have an interest in good public policy, including but not limited to marijuana legalization, we encourage you to think about running for office.

Keep an eye on our page for more information about the process of getting on the ballot, and the upcoming Spring nonpartisan elections.

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